What is CIPP Pipe Coating and How Is It Done?

Pipe coating is one of a number of trenchless pipe coating and lining techniques used for sewer line repair when it is possible to utilize a trenchless method.

This technique, called cured-in-place-pipe lining or CIPP, is a fairly easy way that damaged sewer lines can be repaired of cracks or leaks and strengthened overall without digging up the old pipes.

It is a great option for homeowners dealing with sewer leaks, as drain pipe coating repairs are faster, less expensive, and much less invasive than traditional sewer line replacement.

How Is CIPP Done?

How is CIPP coating for pipes put in? The process is very simple and involves only a few steps:

  • Clean the Damaged Pipe - To provide a clean surface on which to apply coatings for pipes, the existing line is first cleaned out of any debris and roots, then flushed through. 
  • Bypass Sewer Line Service - A sewer line bypass is connected at the beginning and the end of the section of drain line to be repaired when the line must still be used during the process. 
  • Vacuum Out Sewer Line - After connecting the bypass, the damaged sewer line will be suctioned with a vacuum to clear out any additional water and debris after cleaning and during the repair process. 
  • Insert Liner Coating - Pulling from the street connection point, a flexible, epoxy-coated felt drain repair coating liner will be slid down through the whole sewer line creating a new interior pipe line.   
  • Cure Liner Coating - Once in place, the pipe coating is then exposed to heat and/or UV light, which will cure it in place, bonding it to the old pipe and hardening it. 
  • Restore Sewer Line Service - After the pipe coating is fully cured the sewer line bypass is removed and normal sewer service can resume.

CIPP Is So Much Better

As quickly and easily as cleaning out the existing drain line, sliding in a liner coating for pipes, and curing that coating, CIPP pipe coating can restore a damaged, leaky sewer in a fraction of the time and cost of excavation.

Best of all, since this technique is so much more convenient than traditional methods, homeowners do not have to worry about their driveways or lawns being dug up or the days-long mess that excavating out old sewer lines can cause. 

Let's Add This Up!

Safer, cleaner, and quicker, CIPP drain repair coating is the best way to repair foul-smelling, leaky sewer lines in as little as one day.Contact a sewer repair service to learn more about trenchless pipe coating techniques including CIPP!