Sinking Foundations – Causes and Solutions

Foundation sinking can be one of the more damaging foundation problems that any homeowner can deal with.

Though minor settling is always normal, more extreme sinking requires immediate foundation repair to prevent possible destabilization of the entire house.

Why does it happen and what can be done about it?

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What Causes Foundation Sinking?

When signs like sticky windows and doors, uneven floors, cracked basement walls, crooked chimneys, cracked outside staircases, interior dampness, or even water leaking in the basement appear, a sinking foundation is a likely culprit.

It is a common problem in older homes that were built using inferior foundation construction techniques or anywhere the ground was not properly prepared and compacted before a foundation was built on it. 

Foundation sinking happens due to problems with the soil on which the house was built, such as drainage issues, poor soil compaction, soil erosion under the foundation, and soil expansion and contraction that can happen due to weather extremes like droughts, floods, and deep freezes.

As the soil becomes more destabilized and foundations continue to sink and shift, structural damage to the foundation and the entire building can occur.

If no foundation repair is done, a building could suffer so much foundation sinking damage that the danger of collapse becomes very real.. 

What Foundation Repair Methods Help Sinking Foundations?

When dealing with foundation sinking, there are a number of repairs that may be required to solve this issue.

There are three foundation repair methods used to correct this sinking:

  1. Push pier systems for standard foundation.
  2. Helical pier systems for standard foundations.
  3. Slab pier systems for slab foundations.

When installed beneath a sinking foundation that is jacked back up and put back to the correct level, all of these repair solutions stabilize the structure and prevent more sinking and the additional damage that would continue if the shifting and sinking are not stopped.

After a pier system is used to stabilize the structure and prevent more foundation movement, foundation repair addressing cracks and other interior problems can then be performed. 

Don't Ignore Your Foundation Sinking Problems!

Foundation sinking is a very serious problem that can destroy a home over time if not remedied as soon as possible.

Homeowners seeing any of the symptoms noted here, especially if they are slowly worsening over time, should contact a professional foundation repair service and arrange an inspection.

Depending on the cause and severity of the problem, an appropriate repair can be made to stop additional sinking or level the building using a support pier system and other methods.