Sealing Your Basement – Can I DIY The Work?

Sealing your own basement can be an easy way to deal with a wet basement using a wall coating that can be purchased at any home center.

Unfortunately, many homeowners find that putting on a coating is enough for a little while, but only for a little while.

Whether it has to do with the product and how it is applied or a need for foundation repairs first, there are many times when painting on a sealant just isn’t enough and can actually allow more damage to happen.

Basement Sealer Paints – Not Much Lasting Effect

While basement sealer paints do serve their purpose, they tend only to be useful in the most basic of cases when the wet basement issue is very minor.

They can work well in conjunction with other foundation repair methods, but most of the time they are not worth the money, time, and effort made to apply them by themselves.

These sealers must be applied using a special technique to ensure they actually seal, and not before diagnosing where the water is coming from in the first place.

Why Do Basement Sealer Paints Fail?

Cheap basement sealer paint fails for a number of reasons. Unless applied correctly so it gets into the porousness of the basement walls and floors it will not adhere properly.

It can peel and flake after a short time, allowing moisture to enter once again. Additionally, basement cracks, no matter how fine, must first be located and then sealed with a crack repair sealer to close them off.

Trying to seal over cracks with a layer of paint will not work. Surfaces must also be completely dry and clean during the application or the paint will not adhere well.

Must First Discover Source of Leak

The most important factor when trying to decide on foundation repairs to remedy a damp or wet basement is knowing what the source of the water is. Many times, the problem can and should be resolved using some other method.

Problems like drainage too close to the house and exterior foundation damage must be properly corrected, as a thin coating of waterproofing is not going to stop that water and damage from progressing.

In some cases, interior drains and sump pumps might be the best resolution to the problem.

Consider Calling A Foundation Service

Before spending money on gallons of expensive and messy basement sealer and putting in the hours required to empty your basement and then paint the whole thing, consider calling a foundation repair service out first to diagnose the problem.

A sealant may still be a part of the repair plan, but not before a water source is determined and other damage assessed, and repaired.