Santa – Is That You In My Attic?

The holidays are right around the corner, and as we await the arrival of Santa Claus, many smaller Texas wildlife are awaiting the arrival of the colder weather and a move indoors.

Wintertime is a busy time for wildlife control services, as this is the time when many people realize they have unexpected company in their attics.

Pay attention to the cues that you have critters as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler to know whether you need a critter control company to pay a visit.

Is There Noise Coming From Your Attic?

A very common sign that it might be time to schedule a visit from a wild animal control service is the noise coming from your attic.

The sounds of scratching, scraping, and running from above the ceiling in your house could possibly mean there are squirrels, mice, possums, raccoons, or other small wildlife nesting up there where it is nice and warm at night.

Are There Bad Smells In Your House?

Another indicator that there are critters living in your attic and you should have a wildlife control service out is the occasional presence of a musty smell in certain spots in your home.

That mustiness is the smell of the urine and feces of rodents and other small wildlife.

If you go up into your attic and the musty smell gets stronger, it likely means there is a nest somewhere up there.

Are There Signs in Your Attic on Nest-Building?

While you are up there, if you notice any ruined boxes or belongings, stains on the attic floor, shredded paper, pieces of insulation, or other potential “nesting materials” scattered around, this is another sign that there are furry squatters hiding up there.

They may not be around in the daytime when you go to check, but if there is an active nest somewhere they will be back at night.

Get Help From a Wildlife Removal Service

What should you do when noticing these things? Reach out to a local wildlife removal service to handle your critter control issue.

They will come to your house and investigate to determine whether you are hosting wild animals in your attic, what type, and plan the best way to capture and remove them for you.

The service can then also help with animal damage repair, including closing off entry points to keep them from returning.

It Isn't Santa In Your Attic!

This holiday season, as eagerly as you might be awaiting a visit from Santa, make sure that noise is not just critters moving around in your attic.

If it is, a local wild animal control service can help!