Is Trenchless Sewer Repair Really Any Good?

Sewer drain problems are bad news for homeowners as repairing damaged drain pipes can be a messy, destructive, and expensive process.

Gaining popularity over the past decade, trenchless plumbing offers a cleaner, faster, and much less destructive option when pipe rehabilitation is necessary.

In those circumstances where it is appropriate, trenchless plumbing repairs are preferred to patch and seal damaged drain pipes or those that have experienced some kind of crack or failure.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

As it happens with many newer techniques, people wonder if trenchless pipe replacement actually works and is a worthwhile method to try.

Based on how it is done, trenchless plumbing repair of sewer and drain pipes has been a very effective repair method over the standard technique.

With minimal digging required, entire yards are not disrupted and there is minimal destruction of concrete, plus a faster repair that can be completed in a third of the time of traditional sewer line repair or replacement.

How Does Trenchless Plumbing Work?

How does it work? Trenchless plumbing is actually quite simple.

When a leak, burst pipe or blockage is detected in a sewer line, replacing the whole line is usually the best option.

To do this, a small access hole is dug where the private sewer line connects with the main sewer line and then another smaller access hole where the line connects with the plumbing system inside the home or building.

With both ends accessible, the line is cleaned out and any blockages removed, and then a thin, unbreakable polyethylene pipe sleeve is threaded in and connected.

Once that sleeve hardens and cures, it is just like having a brand new sewer line. It is as simple as that!

When Does Trenchless Plumbing Work Best?

Trenchless pipe replacement works very well for most applications where older pipes have become damaged, blocked, or porous and no longer work effectively.

It can also work using a slightly different technique called pipe bursting, to completely replace old sewer lines that are falling apart underground.

It is a great solution for most sewer line issues as it is more affordable and does not involve the kind of invasive digging that requires destroying floors, yards, and driveways to install new sewer pipes.

Don't Dig – Get Trenchless Plumbing Done!

Before committing to having their property dug up, anyone facing the issue of drain line replacement or pipe rehabilitation should talk to a plumbing service trained to do trenchless plumbing first.

Suitable for most sewer line repair and replacement jobs, it is a better, cleaner, and less invasive repair method that is changing how sewer line management is done!